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What’s Your Deal?

Super savings on gas, your family’s favorite snacks, and drinks for the road. Discover new ways to buy smarter and drive farther at Murphy USA.

Go-to Savings

Find the best deals on gas, groceries, drinks, snacks, and more. Murphy USA brings you value every time you shop. Download our mobile app to find a location closest to you.

Walmart Gas Discounts

Walmart CardThroughout the year, we partner with Walmart to offer big-time gas savings when you pay with a Walmart gift card, Walmart credit card, or Walmart MasterCard® card. Check back often for the latest deals available at a Murphy USA location near you.

Right Now at Murphy USA:

Save 3¢ per gallon when you fill up with a Walmart gift card.

  • Discount applies at participating Murphy USA stations (not Murphy Express). Offer not valid in Alabama. Learn more here.

Mobile App Savings image

NEW Murphy Drive Rewards App

Want a store locator with more features, and a reliable gas price finder? Plus savings and offers from Murphy?

Grab your smartphone and download Murphy Drive Rewards today! (use App store or Play store icons)

We’d Like to Hear from You
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